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Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Saving Energy and Money
The average American home has enough air leaking through the windows and doors to equal a hole the size of a baseball in your front door. Imagine the amount of warm air escaping and cold air entering your home through that hole on a cold windy night. You can see how placing weather stripping and adding insulation can help save energy, and with thermal imaging you will be able see the areas that need attention.
Knowing what to fix and Prioritizing Repairs
With thermal imaging you will be able to see the areas of your home that are leaking energy, do to inadequate insulation, window caulking, weather stripping, etc. You will then be able to prioritize your repairs by knowing where the problem areas are, and which areas are losing the most energy. You will receive a report that will show you the areas that are losing energy and a recommendation to make your home more energy efficient.
Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
With a thermal imaging camera you can see the variance in temperatures that reflect possible problems, like: Water leaking through a roof before it becomes a visible problem on your interior ceiling, or a water leak in a pipe that needs to be traced to its source. Revealing hidden problems before they become a major disaster will save you lots of time and money.

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